By now, the marketing community knows that digital asset management (DAM) is not a trend. It’s an essential part of having a comprehensive and scalable marketing strategy, and keeping up with 2017 marketing trends. Think about it. As a marketer, what part of your day isn’t spent creating, reviewing, or implementing digital assets?

DAM platforms allow you to store, share, and manage your digital assets in one secure, easy-to-access place. You don’t have to worry about not being able to connect to a bulky internal server to access your latest logo, and you have formatting, templating, and editing capabilities that just aren’t possible when saving your files to G-Drive. But most of all, DAM helps you to answer the needs of the latest marketing trends.

Here are four of the hottest marketing trends of 2017. You’ve probably already spotted them on this year’s roundups. Now find out how DAM can help you make the most of these trends over the coming year.

2017 Marketing Trends: Video2017 marketing trends

Almost every marketing list has video as an explosive way to reach your audience in 2017. Thankfully, the right DAM can help you store and manage your video library. Clip your video’s length to make variations for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Create .gifs, grab waveform, and imprint your videos with watermarks so that when they go viral, you’ll be sure to get the credit. And do it all without ever leaving your DAM.

If video is the future of marketing, DAM is how you get there and how you do it well. Stop fielding that regular deluge of emails from various team members asking for your latest video edit, and avoid those awkward moments when someone shares a video straight out of 1995. With DAM, everyone in your organization has access to your latest videos, earmarked for correct use, and already approved by the appropriate channels.

In an era of direct-response marketing, having your videos organized, pre-approved, and easily accessible can be the difference in following the trends and setting the trends.

2017 Marketing Trends: Marketing Automation

2017 Marketing Trends

I’m a firm believer in empowering creatives, not automating them out of a job. Today’s DAMs serve as a real complement to designer and marketing skillsets. Email is having a comeback (without ever really going away), it’s more important than ever to have a strong and targeted content strategy, and promotion of your content has never been so key to standing out. Marketing automation platforms help with all of this, but they’re often expensive and require an investment in personnel and training, as well as the software itself.

DAM helps you maximize that investment. It allows you to organize assets into collections by campaign, sub-brand, or even marketing channel so that you can pull cohesive campaign materials straight from your DAM to your automation software. Many DAMs integrate with your existing automation platforms as well, making it easy to implement your marketing strategy.

2017 Marketing Trends: Influencer Marketing

2017 marketing trends

Depending on who you ask, influencer marketing is either the most overused buzzword in the industry or the biggest trend ahead of us in 2017. For the sake of this article, let’s call it a little of both.

Regardless of your views, influencer marketing is a necessary part of most company marketing strategies and another area where DAM can help. 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands. And the average ROI of influencer marketing is $6.85 for every dollar invested.

Whether you’re a well-known company or just starting to make a name for yourself, a DAM can give you the competitive edge you need to partner with influencers in your space.

First, create a public-facing DAM housed with relevant information, including your most recent logos, on-brand images, product descriptions, and even biographical information about your founders or CEO.

By placing a link on your website, or simply having your DAM ready to share, you’ll be able to send a professional and comprehensive overview of your company to influencers or the media, whenever the opportunity may arise. This can go a long way in establishing credibility and authenticity with influencers, as well as setting yourself apart from the many other pitches they receive.

2017 Marketing Trends: Content Marketing Strategy

2017 marketing trends

Incorporating DAM into your content roadmap ensures your strategy is implemented quickly and easily. It also facilitates better tracking of how each of your digital assets is used, from lifestyle imagery to logos, video, and beyond.

Start by aligning your DAM with your company’s strategic goals. Decide what your monthly or quarterly goals are and audit your DAM to see if you have the assets necessary to support a new product launch or your first video campaign. DAM makes it easy to audit your digital assets, instead of wading through hundreds or thousands of assets buried in an internal server. Simply search for assets tagged with your new product’s keyword, or by asset type, and immediately see whether or not you have a content gap in your digital asset library.

Maximizing your Marketing in 2017

The right DAM can help you achieve more with your marketing strategy this year. Leveraged smartly, DAM can amplify your brand voice, elevate product recognition, and increase your ROI in a variety of marketing channels. How will DAM help your marketing team this year? Get a free quote today.

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