In today’s digital marketplace, logo design trends come and go faster than Snapchats from the Kardashians. Designers are in fierce competition for consumer attention, and as a result, today’s most successful logo designers are taking big risks in how they incorporate elements like typography, geometry, and negative space into their work.

What does all of this mean for you? It probably means you’ve got a lot on your plate! But never fear, we’ve rounded up 10 of the top logo design trends for you right here. So you can stay on top of what’s popular, and get back to creating client work that meets expectations and continues to push your creative boundaries.

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1. Hand-lettered logoThe Best Branding Trends of 2015 :: hand letterd logo design

Many brands are turning towards customized lettering to better portray their personality. This handcrafted trend is perfect for brands that target millennials, who truly appreciate authenticity and craftsmanship.

2. Flat DesignThe Best Logo Design Trends of 2015 :: Flat Design

Flat design has been one of the most popular UX design trends of the past year. So, it’s no surprise that brands have begun adopting this technique by giving up three-dimensional elements and shadows for bold blocks of color.

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3. Logo SetsThe Best Logo Design Trends of 2015 :: Logo Sets

Rather than having just one logo, it’s now important for brands to have a comprehensive set. This helps brands better adapt to different digital platforms and contexts so they can appeal to a diverse range of audiences.

4. Lowercase Letters

The Best Logo Design Trends of 2015 :: Lowercase

In the past, brands strayed away from lowercase letters because they seemed too playful and somewhat unprofessional. Now, designers are conquering this challenge head-on by creating logos that let lowercase letters shine.

5. Geometric Shapes

The Best Logo Design Trends of 2015 :: Limpid

All logo designs draw some inspiration from geometry, but a new trend shows shapes taking center stage. Circles are used to represent umbrella organizations or large agencies, and triangles can be used to symbolize an arrow or strong initiative.

6. Creative Use of Negative SpaceThe Best Logo Design Trends of 2015 :: Safari Into Africa

Logos that take advantage of negative space are both clever and memorable. Consumers have to spend an extra second looking at them, helping the image and brand last in people’s minds.

7. Minimalist ElementsThe Best Logo Design Trends of 2015 :: :: minimalist logo

From tech companies to brick and mortar brands, minimalist logos have become increasingly popular. Today’s minimalist trend takes on new elements, such as subtle patterns or two-toned color gradients.

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8. Monoline

the best logo design trends of 2015 :: woodheart

These logo designs are an ode to iconography, which becomes a more relevant strategy as emojis and memes dominate the internet. Stripped of text and color, this no frills trend is great for agencies, artists, and other craft-related brands.

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9. Colored MonolineThe Best Branding Trends of 2015 :: Colored Monoline

Take a monoline logo and infuse it with splashes of color where they’re needed. This contemporary logo style combines colorful and eye-catching elements with the minimalist and memorable elements of the past.

10. Shaded

The Best Branding Trends of 2015:: Shadow

Shaded logos are popular because they evoke a vintage and nostalgic look. By incorporating multi-dimensional typography, these logos have more personality and are best suited for brands that want to appear modern and stylish.

What logo design trends are you seeing this year? Let us know in the comments or share on social to keep the conversation going!

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*This post was originally published July 17, 2015. It has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.