Whether it’s marketing automation tools, predictive scoring, or even the benefit of getting real-time analytics (like Brandfolder Insights), the power of data is changing the way we do work. This is especially true for marketers and creatives. And as we continue to see large strides in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning space, we find that an exponential amount of teams using AI are saving more time, money, and resources.

Today we’re excited to share our own “Smart” technology that makes Digital Asset Management uploads easier than ever before. We call it Intelligent Image Recognition. What makes this new feature intelligent? Every time you upload a new image to your Brandfolder, we’re able to extract meaningful data and content from your assets to help you better find, search, and organize them. The functionality auto-tags, extracts colors, extracts text from images, and detects faces and emotions.

Wouldn’t it be nice to upload an image and bypass any tagging or manual entering of data, all while keeping your DAM organized and easily searchable? With Intelligent Image Recognition, your dreams have come true! Mind blown? Maybe an example will help. Let’s start by using the cover from the movie, Forrest Gump and walk you through all of the important data points that are captured after an asset is uploaded.

First, you’ll see that the text on the image (“Forrest Gump”) was added under the asset as “Text from Image”, which can be helpful for searching when you’re unsure of an asset title or description. In addition, you’ll find a row of tags that automatically populate in the asset tags section. These tags directly relate to the image that is uploaded, which in this case, is for the imagery on the movie cover. It simply identified the image with tags such as bench, human, and sitting, which are all relevant terms when searching for this particular asset.

As a designer, you know it’s important to identify and track image colors along with their accompanying metadata. Intelligent Image Recognition can do that work for you too! In the example below, you’ll see that colors used within the image are pulled and displayed in the asset preview. We take it even a step further and include the image file type, file size, image dimensions, original creator tool, resolution, modification time stamps, and much more! This is all instantly visible with just a click of a button, saving your designers time, while eliminating the headaches that come along with manual data insertion.

Want Intelligent Image recognition enabled within your Brandfolder? Reach out to us directly at support@brandfolder.com, and we’ll get you set up. New to DAM and need a Brandfolder? Contact us here.