Can you believe the year is halfway over? It’s bananas, but it’s true. So what have we been doing with ourselves over at Brandfolder HQ? We’re glad you asked. We’ve been playing a little ping pong, welcoming a new CEO, and getting a lot of shit done.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve accomplished so far in 2017. Thanks for being a part of the past six months. We’re really excited for what the next six have in store.

Brandfolder Mid-year Review: Full document search

Wish you could search inside documents for that exact keyword or phrase you need? We made that possible in January with full document search. Whether Word Doc or PDF, this feature allows you to grab the copy you need, no matter what crazy naming convention your colleague’s first cousin’s best friend names the doc.

Brandfolder Mid-year Review: Sharing Updates

These updates improved Brandfolder’s sharing functionality by allowing owners and admins to see all share links generated on a per-Brandfolder basis. Share links also became editable with this update. Need to archive, change, or delete a share URL? It’s all in a day’s work for your Brandfolder now.

Brandfolder Mid-year Review: Brandfolder Insights

Insights allows Brandfolder customers to see which assets their teammates are using and what the ROI is on those marketing efforts. Make sure the most up-to-date assets are being implemented, see who’s implementing them, and make sure your brand is always being represented correctly.

This feature is also great for tracking who’s downloading assets from your publicly available Brandfolder, and who you might need to follow up with (think press contacts, members of the media, and potential customers). Plus, you can export/import data from Insights into your CRM or mail tool to target and market to the people interacting with specific assets within your Brandfolder.

Brandfolder Mid-year Review: Brandfolder for PitchPerfect

The Brandfolder for PitchPerfect integration empowers clients to create customized pitch documents in the powerful suite of Microsoft Office applications, utilizing content directly from their SharePoint environment and imagery directly from their Brandfolder.

Brandfolder and Enable believe in delivering streamlined processes to their customers by reducing the number of inefficiencies they face. With the integration, approved brand assets and pitch content can be easily identified and embedded into tenders in a timely manner. And all SharePoint content and Brandfolder asset titles, keywords, and metadata are searchable from directly within Microsoft Office.

Brandfolder Mid-year Review: Brandfolder Templating

Templating allows Brandfolder clients to create customized, on-brand marketing materials, without needing the help of their already overworked resident designer. This feature makes it easy to create approved templates for marketing assets including ads, presentations, and brochures, without ever leaving your Brandfolder.

Templates are created in Adobe InDesign and can be configured on an individual asset basis, giving designers complete control over how assets are customized. Once distributed, global teams can easily customize templates by easily manipulating the dynamic areas via an HTML5 browser editor, no professional designers or design software needed.

Your designers will love you because they can quit updating one line of copy or swapping out logos, giving them more time to focus on the things they love like creative, high-impact projects. It will also make your marketing team more agile and effective.

Brandfolder Mid-year Review: Brandfolder Website

We updated our entire website to make it cleaner, provide current and future customers with the information they need immediately, and make the site easier to navigate. The project was tackled entirely in house, and the results mirror the simplicity that has been Brandfolder’s hallmark from day one.

brandfolder mid-year review

Brandfolder Mid-year Review: Auto-tagging

AI is a buzzword for DAMs this year, and we’re making it a focus for our platform as well. Auto-tagging makes it easy to organize and tag your brand assets. Brandfolder automatically extracts text, faces, emotions, images, landmarks, colors, and logos, making your assets more searchable than ever.

Powered by Google Vision, it also protects you against uploading NSFW imagery. Oh, and we also offer bulk tagging, downloading, and resizing now!

Keeping Brandfolder Efficient, Elegant, and Streamlined

Almost all of these updates came from requests or suggestions from our clients. Is there a functionality you’d like to see in your Brandfolder? Let us know!

There’s a reason we’re continually voted the easiest DAM to implement, the easiest DAM to use, and the DAM with the highest customer satisfaction. We don’t add features just to have an impressive feature list. We add the features you need. Nothing more, nothing less. That way, you have a DAM that’s simple, beautiful, and full of exactly what you need to do your job better.

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