Being a marketer is tough. We’re always being pulled in a hundred different directions, all while juggling the things we get paid to do. You know, our jobs. And let’s be honest, we sometimes let the important things (ahem, like our brand) fall to the wayside. With that being said, I’m sure we could all use a few minutes to relax and get back to the things that really matter. Am I right?

If that sounds good, we’ve got just the webinar for you. Listen in and hear from Margaret Hartwell, Innovation Director at Cognition Studios, and Elizabeth Ellis, Director of Brand Copy at Craftsy, to discover Brand Mindfulness: An Everyday Practice for Marketing with Meaning.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The “how” behind the discipline of branding
  • A new model for brand stewardship
  • Techniques to embody your brand values and identity
  • How to hone your brand instincts to nurture relationships

You’ll learn all of this and more! It’s time to bring back meaning to your job, find out how in this free on-demand webinar.

marketing with meaning