Tired of leaving work every day with the feeling you could have accomplished more if you’d just gotten organized? That feeling is especially frustrating when you’re a creative, because it’s not always easy to move past tough mental blocks. That’s why we created a special eBook packed with productivity tips from some of the top creatives in the biz.

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You may hit a creative roadblock that your colleague in data science doesn’t understand. Or maybe you’ve found your “flow” only to have someone from business development tap you on the shoulder, and all at once, like a house of cards, all that creative inspiration you were harnessing comes tumbling down.

The work that creatives do is vital to the brands we work for. We take it personally. We take it seriously. And sometimes, we take it too far. That explains why the world is so enamored by a great ad, a beautiful website, or an impactful headline. It also explains why creatives are sometimes labeled as “temperamental.”

The reality is that creatives (marketers, designers, copywriters, etc.) have different ways of working and different expectations for the work they do. If you ask us, that requires a different kind of productivity tip.

What’s in the eBook?

The eBook is tailored to the unique schedules and demands of creatives. And it’s packed with interviews, strategies, and productivity tips from the creative leads at powerhouse companies including Dollar Shave Club, Under Armour, and Havenly.

productivity tipsIn this eBook you’ll learn productivity tips from:

  1. Rachel Westerhoff, Creative Manager, FINIS: How to make the most of a small team
  2. Brian Carden, Product Design Lead, Under Armour: How to design in an agile environment
  3. Leigh Buck, Creative Director, Havenly: How to manage creative time vs. business time
  4. Timothy Mudd, Creative Director, Colorscience: How to find the harmony between analog and digital
  5. Donny Smith, Associate Design Director, Dollar Shave Club: How to maximize your creativity
  6. Conclusion: How to put your productivity to work

Stop leaving work without moving a single card on your Trello board — because that’s the worst.

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