I started my internship at Brandfolder feeling very nervous about what was to come.  Although I knew very well what the company did, I had no idea what I was going to be doing or what my experience would be. This was especially apparent on my first day, when I showed up completely overdressed in near formal attire, not quite knowing what the office would be like. After a quick look around I was relieved to see that it was not nearly as intimidating as I had imagined. Everyone was very warm and welcoming (especially the office dogs), and made me feel like I would make a great addition the team. With all the introductions and paperwork out of the way, it was time to get to work.

One of my concerns about this internship was that I wouldn’t be able to effectively blend into and contribute to the company. From within the first hour or two I realized this was not the case, because I was already being trained on the company’s product by sitting in on various meetings with potential and current clients. I was assigned meaningful and fun projects, and was able to learn a few software applications that will definitely be of use later on in my career.

One of the most valuable takeaways for me arising from this internship involves the opportunities I experienced witnessing and participating in the process of selling Brandfolder’s software, beginning when a lead first reaches the sales team, all the way to when new clients are being trained on the software, post-sale. Additionally, I gained great experience and learned a tremendous amount from the sales, customer experience, and marketing team members, all of whom are especially talented at what they do, and took the time to share their perspectives, goals, and methods with me as they worked through their day. Because my major in college is Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, I was especially pleased to be included on and to work with some of the marketing team’s projects.

To write only about the work-end of things would not be doing my time at Brandfolder justice, as Brandfolder’s office is one of the coolest workplaces I have ever seen. The first thing that catches your eye when you walk in is the ping pong table that sits near the middle of the first floor.  It isn’t uncommon for people to pick up a couple of paddles or toss a football around, even if just for a handful of minutes to blow off some steam.  But far from a company that just goofs off all day, Brandfolder sticks to a work hard, play hard mentality, and the employees work together relentlessly to advance the company’s business.

As I have not worked in an office before, I was also surprised at how everyone within the company seems to be good friends, not rivals or bickering opponents as are often portrayed in media accounts of office life.  Whether at a company outing, meeting, lunch, or simply at the office doing their daily work, everyone is always laughing and seemed to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.  Throughout my internship, it was clear to me the Brandfolder team seems to pride itself on fostering a collegial and cooperative environment.

As an example, one of my favorite events during my time at Brandfolder was the company outing to a Colorado Rockies game.  At the game, I watched the Rockies completely blowout the San Diego Padres, but more importantly, I got to know some of the coworkers I had not yet worked closely with during my internship.  At the game, a number of coworkers asked about my personal life, and most surprising to me as a mere temporary summer intern, it was obvious they were not asking because they felt obligated to do so, but because they actually cared and wanted to know more about my background.

In my time at Brandfolder, I was surrounded by knowledgeable people who genuinely cared about my learning and experience with the company, and who left me full of fond memories.  Moving forward, my internship has equipped me with tools that will help me in whatever lies ahead, both during and after college. I am very thankful for all that I have learned, and I hope the work I did during my internship has in some way also helped Brandfolder and the amazing people I met along the way.